Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized by our customers and our industry, as the preeminent supplier of rigid foam plastics to each of the industries that we serve, with complete customer satisfaction as our goal.

Our Service Commitment

Through superior customer service, quality that meets or exceeds our customers expectations, and excellent response to customer needs, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Foam Sales Group, with international headquarters in Burbank, California, is the largest independent distributor/fabricator of rigid foam plastics in the Western United States. Since 1978, our staff of key personnel, with over 70 years of experience in the rigid foam plastics business, has satisfied hundreds of clients around the world.

Foam Sales Group is an Authorized Distributor/Fabricator of STYROFOAM* Brand(extruded polystyrene) Insulation; TRYMER* Brand (polyisocyanurate) Insulation and molded bead polystyrene, all in a variety of densities and in block, board, and fabricated forms. We are an authorized distributor of Froth-Pak* froth paks; Multi Max ® FA-3; R-Matte; R-MAX ®; Corafoam*; and pre-fabricated insulation panels.

We market, and along with our suppliers, provide technical support for all building insulation applications including commercial, residential, and low temperature food storage. Non-building applications include the industrial market for insulating storage tanks and ships; pre-fabricated panels, special effects production materials for movies and television sets, props, etc.; floating docks, and a multitude of miscellaneous uses such as, signs, refrigerated trucks and trailers, containers, display cases, trade show displays, composites, fiberglass fabrication, and block-outs.

Our customer base is comprised of specialty insulation contractors, roofing contractors, freezer building constructors, architects and engineers, OEM manufacturers, set designers, industrial insulation contractors, exporters, dealers, and insulated panel manufacturers.

In addition to shipping throughout the continental United States and Mexico, Foam Sales Group has provided product destined for many offshore regions including Colombia, S.A., China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

Foam Sales Group maintains multiple truckloads of products–we’re always prepared to provide prompt, efficient service to all of our customers.